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Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Romania
Str. Constantin Noica 4
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Our process

There’s lots of research and creativity behind the answer to a simple question like “who are you?”. A successful brand is unique, remarkable and memorable: different from what’s out there, easy to recognize and difficult to forget!

DAVOS helps companies shape their brands from A to Z, online and offline. From naming to the graphical expression of the logo, from tone of voice to visual language, every detail’s essential.


Visual identity


Names, Branded Slogans and Phrases


Business collateral



Few products are truly unique. We carefully evaluate the competition to choose solutions that will make you stand out in a world of constant change.


What markets will you be on? What kind of people you’d like to speak to? How can you relate to them? Choosing the right name is more than a preference!


DAVOS designers shape visual identities that are relatable to target audiences and represent the essence of the visual language used by the brand.

Identity manual

DAVOS designers and copywriters join efforts to create the “book of rules and inspiration” in public communications. The manual includes rules to help your brand “be itself”.