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Our process

Your company website should be the central element of your digital campaigns and the place where customers come into real contact with your brand story.


UI / UX Design


Creative Direction


Mobile Responsive




Customer experience

Customer experience on the website is a key deciding factor while shopping – and people-oriented websites convey trust, safety, a pleasant brand experience and a simple way to shop, all in one.

Web Design

Web design emerges from business goals, which DAVOS translates into technical solutions that encourage desirable actions from customers – simply put, we create the shortest path between learning about products and services, becoming interesting and easily buying.


In a world of ever-evolving tech, DAVOS brings the certainty of a website that’s always up to date, safe and quick. We like to offer customers immersive brand experiences, and to encourage them to come back for more. There’s a lot that can be done either with a simple CMS like WordPress configured the right way, or a solutions that’s 100% custom for you.